Ya'at'eeh (Hello, in Navajo)

That was me then....this is me now

Whats new with me
My Life
That was me then....this is me now
Its not all about me
Poems of the broken hearted
A new birth...redefining me
Friends and family

Beautifully human

At 28, I learned that I have matured and grown to enjoy my adult life. It was a good year looking back from my childhood upbringing and college years. I took time to rebuild my innerself and strengthen my character. Today, I am not lost, I truly believe that I have found a new beginnning and left the past behind.

Today, I will remember how powerful I am
Today, I will remember that I am protected, guided, and illuminated by the divine presence in my being
Today, I will remember the number of times I have been sheltered by the storm
Today, I will remember that I have been forgiven when I was unable or unwilling to forgive myself
Today, I will thank the Divine for mercy, grace, and goodness that gives me the FREEDOM to be and grow and live the glory of my divinity
For this I am!
And So It Is!
                                                     -Iyanla Vanzant
                                                      One Day My Soul Just Opened Up
                                                      FREEDOM Affirmation

My first grade school picture (1985)

This was taken in January 2006

"So many roads, so many detours, so many choices, so many mistakes. As we drive along this road we call life occasionally a gal will find herself a little lost. And when that happens I guess she has to let go of the coulda, woulda, shoulda, buckle-up and just keep going. As we speed along this endless road to the destination of who we hope to be, I can't help but whine....Are we there yet?"
                                                                           - Carrie Bradshaw
                                                                             Sex And The City,Season 4
                                                                             Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda

My serious mug shot (March 2005)

Santa Monica Beach in May 2001

Posing at Piedmont Park in Atlanta 2006

About to take an afternoon run

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