Ya'at'eeh (Hello, in Navajo)

My Life

Whats new with me
My Life
That was me then....this is me now
Its not all about me
Poems of the broken hearted
A new birth...redefining me
Friends and family

My parents: Sarah and Bennie Dailey




Easter 2004: The kids are all lined up. Moochie ended up winning for having the most Easter eggs.


My life started in the spring of 1978. I was blessed to be born a full blooded Navajo. My parents were strict in raising me at first but then my older sisters broke them in for me. I have three older sisters, and growing up I learned from their life experiences. I never looked at any of their faults as mistakes because as I grew older, I learned that life is too short to have regret and disappointment. I am the only boy in my immediate family, so I think that is where I got some of my softness from. I used to think that my inability to overly assert my masculine features was a disadvantage in a male dominated society. But being Navajo, I later learned that being from a matriarchial culture that is female dominated, women are the strength and providers for the continuation of the circle of life. My family consists of my parents, three older sisters, three nephews, and two nieces.

Grandma Benson, Sam, and my niece Emma Christmas 2006.



My niece Ashley, Emma, and nephews Chippy and Syrus.

Ashley and Carlos

Sam and Mott standing pretty for a quick photo op. I look amess.



My oldest sister, Bee and her two sons, Syrus and Chibby. I'm somewhere in the picture.


B's gang this time two years later she added baby Emma

Rob, Moochie, Me, and my sister Joey in Laughlin, NV


The pictures on this page are of my family. I have included atleast one photo that includes one of my sisters, parents, nephews, and niece. I have a picture of Grandma Benson (Lori's grandma) because I either never met my  paternal or maternal grandfathers (Chei), never got to spend time with my maternal grandmother (Ma'sani'), or aren't close to my paternal grandmother (Nahli). Sad I know, but I love Grandma Benson because she treats our family like she's really our grandma. I guess that's what I like about being Native, we place a great emphasis on family and because of it we are warm hearted and welcoming people. My parents raised me to seek the truth and accept it with love and understanding even if it's unbeneficial or a disadvantage to me.

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