Ya'at'eeh (Hello, in Navajo)

Its not all about me

Whats new with me
My Life
That was me then....this is me now
Its not all about me
Poems of the broken hearted
A new birth...redefining me
Friends and family

Well, it really isn't all about me. Luckily I have a good family for support, friends for laughs, and the creator to guide me down my spiritual journey of life.


These are some pictures I took. I value my relationships with people and I will definitely stand behind each of my people, I try not to judge because it would take away my integrity to value them as a human being. Here's some lyrics from India Arie, it suits my personality just perfect.
"Dark future ahead of me, that's what they said, I'd be starving if I ate all the lies they fed. Cause I've been redeemed from your anguish and pain. A miracle child, I'm floating on a cloud. Cause words that come from your mouth, you're the first to hear. Speak words of beauty and you will be there. No matter what anybody says, what matters most is what you think of yourself." - Get It Together 

Mott's graduation from the University of Arizona 2006


Here's one from Janet's song, Domita Jo:
Sexy, quiet
Shy, but down for a good time
Taurus, my sign
Like rain, but love the sunshine
Makin' headlines
Feel I'm too deep define
Simple inside
But I'm livin' the diva life
I'm Aries by the way, could've been a Taurus if born a day later.

My co-worker/bud Lisa looking fly

My best girl friend Timika and I in Alabama

My buddy Jennifer

My nephew Carlos, niece Emma, and I during Xmas dinner

My cousin Lina and I in California 1986

My cousin Lina and I in California summer 2006

Listen to my inner voice
For it talks to me when I am lost
Listen to my heart
For it continues to beat for understanding
Listen to my words
For they only want to heard
Listen to my soul
And you will find the truth of a person as a whole
                                -Sam Dailey, 3/13/2000

My parents and I at the Shiprock Fair 2005

My Alabama buds Allyson and Kim

Amy and I on the beaches of San Diego

Just looking cute in Baltimore 2004


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