Ya'at'eeh (Hello, in Navajo)

Whats new with me
My Life
That was me then....this is me now
Its not all about me
Poems of the broken hearted
A new birth...redefining me
Friends and family

Where beauty and strength collide, my inner soul

"Conversations deep, when you talk to yourself
There's no way to cheat,'cause you know you can't be no one else
Won't trip out on disappointment,'cause failure is just not me
Still I gotta do my job,'cause you know my show can't go on without me"
-Janet Jackson, TRUTH (All for you)



Ya'at'eeh! Welcome, if you made it here, I was blessed to have interacted with you in some way. I don't search for missing souls or lost ones trying to be found because sometimes I find myself on the outside looking in.
I am Dine' (Navajo). To my fellow Navajo brothers and sisters, Kn'y'n (Towering House) ei' nishli, T nzhn (Tangle) ba' shishchiin, shi chei' ei' shh (Salt Clan) doo' shi nahlii' ei' Tsi njn (Black Streak Wood People). To those of you who might be lost, don't worry, I'll explain it if you want to know more about my culture or our clanship.
My parents raised me on the Navajo Reservation, located throughout the Southwest Region of the U.S. I spent my first 18 years of my life living in the small town of Shiprock, NM. I left to attend college at Arizona State University in Tempe,AZ where I graduated in the fall of 2000. Since then, I've been finding peace in exploring different areas of the United States. I attended graduate school in Alabama and went on to live in Tucson, AZ for two years. I moved back to Phoenix, AZ where I currently reside working as a clinical lab tech. I try not to limit myself on any of my own prejudices. I do have my own personal judgements and opinions that make me a strong individual. But who doesn't?
My best attributes are my honesty and forwardness. My character is serious but content with a sense of humor and self-humiliation. I like to laugh to make others feel comfortable around me. I like to read African American fiction, gay fiction, self-improvement (inspirational), and some Native American books. I write short stories & poetry, also. I like to listen to music, NeoSoul, R&B, and hip-hop are my favorite. I like to enjoy every moment with what friends I have. I like meeting people from different areas of the United States. I love to take pictures (as you will see). But I'm glad u took time out to look at my site, n'joy!  Ahehee' (Thank you)



These pictures were taken on trips to North Carolina, Oklahoma City, San Diego and the last one back home in Shiprock, NM..





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